For the last 15 years we have been producing our own promotional videos. When we started, these videos were the first and sometimes the only material that venues received when deciding whether or not to hire a band.

And hire us they did.

We have been gigging in the Middle East since 2006, and in those 17+ years, we have seen firsthand (based on our experience and that of our peers) what works and what doesn't, when it comes to producing a promotional video.

Our approach begins with a clear idea of what we are selling and to whom. From that starting point, all other elements of the production, such as song choice, instrumentation, location, lighting, outfits, camera angles and editing follow a clear line through to delivery.

Simply put, our videos get gigs.


Ready for your new promo video?

Keep scrolling for examples of our favourite video projects

Lady J à la française • Belleville - Our goal with Belleville was to transport listeners to a different time and place by evoking the charm of classic Paris. From concept and song choice, through audio recording, mixing and mastering, to scouting location and lighting the scene, to editing and creating titles, this project is one of our favourites.

With the gracious assistance of our friend Jose Ramon Nunez behind the camera. 

EvolveR live in Dubai - When we were the band-in-residence at The Music Room the hotel management asked us to produce a video for their in-house promotions reel. We filmed live, onstage in the venue, recorded, mixed and mastered the audio, and did the full video edit.

The video played on their showcase reel for the next 18 months.