Pop songs. jazz vibes.

Janelle Thomas, who lights up the stage as Lady J, has become a vibrant presence in Dubai's live music scene. Alongside Felix Frechette, her partner in music and life, they're known for their unique take on jazz tunes and pop classics.

Since their partnership began in 2006, this talented pair from Quebec, Canada, has delighted audiences with over 2700 performances across Asia and the GCC. Making Dubai their home in 2015, they've managed to maintain a packed schedule of performances, all while somehow remaining pretty happily married and parenting two wildly energetic small boys.

In their early years together, Janelle and Felix led powerful pop 5-7 piece cover bands. However, they've since shifted their focus to performing as a more intimate, jazzy duo, although they've retained their trademark energy.

In the fall of 2012 they released Noise Rises (Strange Cat Records), an album of quirky Motown-inspired tunes, featuring ten original songs they wrote together. In 2020 they were a huge hit online with their live streams, started during the Covid-19 lockdown and evolving into a weekly feature, with more than 100 episodes.

In the last year they’ve taken their career in a new direction with some special projects, exploring a diverse range of genres: from French classics, to 90s & 00s pop hits, to country music.

Whatever the genre and whatever the format, they embody the spirit of jazz, learned in their formative years - Janelle at Concordia University and Felix at CÉGEP de Sherbrooke. As a duo, Felix takes on the mammoth task of programming drum loops, which he then triggers live, while simultaneously creating guitar loops, bass loops, and solos. And singing back vocals. Then lead vocals. He's an octopus.

Janelle swings a mean tambourine.

Their shows are live and alive. Their music is creative, collaborative, emotional, and spontaneous. The repertoire is perpetually evolving and no two shows are ever the same. 

Every performance is a journey, transporting you back to those nostalgic memories that made your heart skip a beat, while creating brand new memories to leave you buzzing with excitement.

Get ready to feel all the feels.